Postal address

Inspectie SZW (Inspectorate SZW) 
PO Box 90801
2509 LV Den Haag
the Netherlands


Calling from within the Netherlands: 0800 - 5151 (free)
Calling from outside the Netherlands: +31 70 - 333 44 44


To email the Inspectorate SZW, please use our digital contact form below.

Report a work-related accident

Work-related accidents requiring notification can best be reported by calling the above-mentioned telephone number. You can also report work-related accidents outside office hours by calling this number.

Employers are obliged to immediately report work-related accidents that result in hospital admission, permanent injury or death to the Inspectorate SZW. 

Complaints, tips, notifications and reports

You can also contact the Inspectorate SZW for:

  • reporting complaints about your working conditions;
  • offering tips about illegal labour, exploitation and/or payment below the statutory minimum wage;
  • notifications, reports and applications for exemptions (such as the removal of asbestos, child labour, et cetera);
  • reporting a fraud crime (anonymously) in the field of work and income (benefits, tenures, subsidies, possible exploitation of employees).

If you want to report a complaint about a possible violation of social laws whilst working in the Netherlands, please use our digital complaint form. Otherwise use the above mentioned contact details or contact form.

The complaint form is also available in these languages: Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Portugese and Czech.

Contact form

Personal Data

The Inspectorate SZW will only use any personal particulars collected by means of this contact form for the purpose for which you have given them. In so doing the Inspectorate SZW fulfils all the privacy legislation criteria. Read more about our privacy policy under Privacy.

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