Company in Zwaag employs illegal immigrants

At a company in the municipality of Zwaag, in the province of Noord-Holland, the Inspectorate SZW found two Ukrainians and three Turks at work who were not allowed to work there. In addition, three Bulgarians were staying in the company at night.

An anonymous report put the Inspectorate SZW on the trail of this entrepreneur. Together with the AVIM (formerly the Immigration Police) and the police, the company was inspected. The five illegal workers stated that they were paid in cash. One of these employees stated that he had been working at least 54 hours a week for a year and some weeks even 60 hours. The company can expect at least a penalty report for violation of the Foreign Nationals Employment Act (WAV).  In addition, the company is likely to receive a penalty report for the cash payment, which is not legally allowed, for underpayment and for letting the workers work too many hours or allowing them not enough resting periods. The Inspectorate is still investigating these possible violations.

During the inspection, the inspectors also found a sleeping-place. Three Bulgarians who were also working for the company, probably stayed there overnight. This sleeping-place was illegal and the municipality of Zwaag immediately closed it with a charge under penalty.  

The Inspectorate sees more and more migrant workers from for example Asia or Ukraine, because these people are often willing to work for less than the Dutch minimum wage. In principle, employers should apply for employment permits for workers from outside the EU when they let them work in the Netherlands. If the employers do not apply for these employment permits, the legal rules are circumvented and employers can pay wages below the Dutch standard.