Investigating work-related accidents

The term 'work-related accidents requiring notification' applies to accidents resulting in permanent physical injury, hospitalisation or death. Employers are obliged by law to notify the Inspectorate SZW immediately of this type of work-related accident.

Give the inspector all the required assistance, access and information

All accidents requiring notification are investigated by the Inspectorate SZW. The investigation of the accident will be carried out as soon as possible. It is important that the situation at the accident scene is not disturbed so that the inspector can get an accurate picture of the circumstances at the time of the accident. Employers are obliged to co-operate with the investigation and to give the inspector all the required assistance, access and information.

If the Inspectorate SZW ascertains violations during the investigation, sanctions will be imposed.

Reporting work-related accidents

Serious work-related accidents must be reported immediately to the central intake office of the Inspectorate SZW.